Testimate is a member of the Solita IoT Alliance

Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is an integral part of the digitalization revolution and a means of connecting new types of objects and devices to the global Internet. Depending on the application area, IoT can bring about even radical changes in the business models, processes and leadership of businesses of all sizes. Companies can use IoT solutions to improve their cost efficiency or to create entirely new services, for example.

Capitalizing on the opportunities of IoT requires diverse expertise, however. This often makes starting IoT projects difficult for businesses. The IoT Alliance network, established by Solita, is designed to mitigate this specific problem. The Alliance provides a ready-made network of service providers that help you to start your IoT project.

Testimate offers solid IoT testing services

Testimate complements the IoT Alliance network with its core expertise, which is ensuring the operation and security of software solutions with versatile software testing services. In fact, IoT solutions call especially for high levels of security and reliability, which can be ensured by putting the solution to a proper test.

We provide IoT testing services flexibly for the entire IoT chain or for ensuring the operation of individual nodes in a larger system. We can provide you with a turnkey solution or allocate the required number of testing professionals to strengthen your team.

Testing manager or an agile test professional for your software project

Testing mobile apps

Performance testing

Test automation

Developing testing processes and evaluating testing tools

Compatibility and integration testing

End-to-end testing of the entire solution

Developing IoT solutions with a partner network

Individual partners together build a strong network. When you contact any IoT Alliance member, you get to benefit from experts from a number of different domains.

In addition to Testimate, other IoT Alliance members include DNA, Haltian, Virelabs, IBM, ElfGroup, Unseen Technologies, Chillit and Wazombi Labs.

Don’t know how to start your IoT project?

Start by contacting us. We are your access point to a network of professionals and just the right solution for you.

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