Testimate is an IoT Alliance partner company


The Internet of Things (IoT), which is an element of digitalisation, involves connecting an increasing number of items and things to the global data network. Depending on the area of application, IoT can refer to a variety of activities, such as radically changing the business models, processes and management arrangements of a company. With IoT solutions, businesses can improve cost efficiency or create entirely new services, for example.

However, taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by IoT takes multidisciplinary expertise and getting started can often be difficult. A solution to this problem is the IoT Alliance network, of which Testimate is a member. IoT Alliance provides a complete network of service providers to get any IoT project off to a flying start.


Developing IoT solutions with a network model


A network draws its strength from its members. When you contact a member of IoT Alliance, you get access to top experts from a variety of fields.

Alongside Testimate, IoT Alliance partner companies include Solita, DNA, Haltian, Virelabs, IBM, ElfGroup, Unseen Technologies and Wazombi Labs.


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