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Building the Internet of Things – Testimate @ Nordic IoT Week

Solita IoT Alliance members

Beginning of April, Testimate participated in the Nordic IoT Week event. The two-day event was arranged in Helsinki and brought together people who are interested in the Internet of Things from a variety of aspects, including experts, developers and service providers.

IoT, or the Internet of Things, refers to a digitalisation trend in which an increasing number of device types are connected to the global information network. Depending on the branch of industry, connecting devices to the network opens great new potential, such as data-based process improvements, automation or all-new business opportunities.

Broad range of themes and techniques

Artificial intelligence, smart offices, the future of media, data analytics – the IoT umbrella has room for it all. This was also evident in the Nordic IoT Week programme. In addition to Finnish IoT experts, the line-up included a variety of international speakers.

Another interesting element in the event was IoT Lab. In the lab demo area, a few dozen start-ups and other presenters demoed their solutions to the event guests.

How to get started with IoT?

During the event, the guests got a versatile overview of the potential of IoT, but perhaps also experienced an information overflow. How should one go about starting an IoT project in practice and what should one consider while doing so?

Fortunately, a bunch of specialised Finnish service providers are there to help.

Testimate is a member of IoT Alliance, a partnership network coordinated by Solita and specialised in the different components of IoT. Through the alliance, you can acquire an end-to-end IoT solution tailored for your particular needs and context.

Any one of the alliance members is able to advise on how to get started and how to find the right partners. If in need of practical advice on launching an IoT project, start by contacting us!

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