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Northern Finland is buzzing – Testimate visits Digital Oulu

Testimate visits Digital Oulu

The greatest IT event in Northern Finland, Digital Oulu, was organized in early February. The event is a prime example of digitalization also advancing well outside the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The event took a diverse look at the different domains of digital business. The top presenters included information security guru Mikko Hyppönen, marketing and branding evangelists Tomi Laine and Jenna Perus, as well as Marc Dillon, who is a familiar name operating behind several Finnish high-technology companies. In addition to the keynotes, the program included a number of expert presentations on specific topics.

Because Oulu is very close to our hearts, Testimate was naturally present in the event.

Our picks from Digital Oulu

As said, Digital Oulu had an impressive list of top names lined up, so there was plenty to see.

Perhaps the strongest keynote came from F-Secure’s Research Director Mikko Hyppönen. Hyppönen described the threats related to the Internet and took quite a critical view to the future of the web. In addition to the information security of online services, Hyppönen emphasized how people as individuals behave online and how they share information on social media.

After this year’s presenter lineup, we are really looking forward to Digital Oulu 2020 – and the keynote speakers who were already announced as part of this year’s event!

Where there’s coding, there’s testing

Oulu is an important software product development hub where thousands of software developers create digital products for both domestic and international markets. As world-class digital products and services rely on world-class software testing, Testimate’s goal is to be an active part of the local ecosystem.

Our goal at Digital Oulu was to meet old friends, make new acquaintances and help anyone interested in software testing reach their goals.

So, was it worth it?

Digital Oulu was definitely worth the visit – the event was full of positive buzz, interesting presentations and new ideas. We hope to be there next time as well!

Testimate wants to thank the main organizers Verkkoasema and Laavu Solutions for an event well done!

If you want to talk more about high-quality software testing services in Oulu or anywhere in Finland, get in touch today!

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