Acceptance Testing

Does your acceptance testing only mean that business users test the software while busy with other tasks? Do they really have enough time for testing at the time testing is needed? Do they have the required technical know-how and motivation to dig up all the faults?

Acceptance testing in cooperation with key business users is used to ensure that critical business processes actually work as they should. In addition, acceptance testing involves testing system integrations, performance issues, error situations and many other cases. All in a professional, planned and thorough manner.

In order to complete the testing efficiently and comprehensively, the right amount of professional testing resources are needed. Based on our experience, a combination of business users and testing professionals gives the best results. While business users concentrate on critical business use cases, testing professionals utilise various testing methods to discover all kinds of potential faults in the system. This way, you can trust that you got what you paid for when signing off the delivery.

Acceptance Testing Process

Approval testing process

Key points for acceptance testing:

Test that the entire system works according to specifications and serves its purpose

Acceptance testing ensures that the supplied system meets its requirements and other contract details. It is important to check the relevant business processes in an end-to-end manner in order to ensure that the system fully meets the business needs.

Independence from the supplier/developer

Objective, non-biased acceptance testing requires a testing party that is independent from the system supplier or developer.

Consider the end user needs

The system’s end users are in a key role during test planning and while testing the business processes. However, experienced testing professionals are needed to discover issues that are overlooked by normal users. Testimate specialises in testing business and technical requirements from the end user’s point of view.

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