Is your project agile?

Testing in agile projects requires versatile know-how from test planning to test automation. Testing is performed in sprints as developers finalise implementing features. Manual regression testing takes more and more time after each sprint as the number of features builds up, making test automation an attractive option to save time with repetitive tests. Testing is done on multiple levels at the same time. Explorative testing led by professional testing experts is usually the most effective method to proceed during the sprint. Before the service is launched, an end-to-end testing round is usually required, supplemented by appropriate performance testing.

We have years of experience in using methods and tools such as scrum, Kanban, Lean, CI, Jenkin and Jira. Does your team have a professional tester yet?

Agile testing project

Ketterä projekti

An agile tester is responsible for

  • planning and implementing testing for new features
  • regression testing for old features
  • bringing general quality assurance point of view to the project
  • writing and maintaining test scripts.

Why do agile projects need a professional tester?

Testing expert keeps track of overall quality

Your team perhaps includes a software architect, a graphic designer, some developers and a database wizard. Why leave testing on some or none of them?

Developers get time for actual development

Developers do not like testing, they like coding. Testers do not like coding, they like testing. Everyone should do what they are best at.

Immediate feedback on bugs

It makes a huge difference if a bug is found immediately or two weeks later during a production pull. Bugs are faster and cheaper to fix when the erroneous code is new and fresh.

Tester works between the Product Owner and developers

The testing professional helps you write better requirements to the backlog already during the design phase. Many potential bugs are squashed this early in the process.

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