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New mobile apps are launched more and more. In addition to new concepts, many existing online services are now getting a mobile version. There are several different operating systems and device manufacturers, especially in the case of Android with hundreds of different device models. This gives app testing an extra challenge: how can we make sure that the app testing coverage is sufficient?


The range of both commercial and open source mobile testing tools is growing constantly. We have worked with the best tools there are and evaluated even more.


The quality and user experience of mobile apps depends very much on the expertise and skills of the developer. If you have a true mobile guru coding your app, testing the app is also a lot easier. Sometimes (read: most of the time) the developers’ time does not allow extensive testing after each code change, resulting in bugs and errors. Whipping out those bugs takes some hard work from the tester, who needs to run the tests multiple times on multiple devices already during the development work. Quick feedback directly to the developer while the code changes are still fresh is essential to keep the amount of work down.


We have tested entertainment as well as productivity apps. These include the Scoopshot app for selling mobile photos, a mobile online store hooked up to SAP ERP, and many others.

Every app and project is unique!

Let’s see together what kind of testing YOUR project needs!

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