Performance Testing

Do you know how many simultaneous users your service can handle? Today, far too many companies neglect to do their performance testing. Unfortunately, recent case examples of failures are not hard to find.

Most services are designed for multiple simultaneous users. With internal business systems, the user numbers can be estimated with more accuracy, but consumer services can reach very high user numbers. We have, for example, tested an online store that stopped responding with two (2) simultaneous users. By neglecting professional performance testing you can get the 15 minutes of social media fame – however, we do not believe that all attention is good attention.

Online stores are not the only applications that require performance testing. Many mobile apps communicate with server backend and a large chunk of the computation work is done server-side. While a single smartphone running a single app will not be crashing, the server interfaces may burst at the seams when there are masses of simultaneous mobile connections. If the interfaces are not tested for performance and the bottlenecks are not fixed, individual users may experience sluggishness or complete lack of service.

One common solution is to “buy more hardware when needed”. That might help, but we still recommend a long-term cost evaluation between proper testing and the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining new hardware.

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