Test automation comes in many shapes and sizes

Automatic regression tests in agile projects

Automatic regression tests in agile projects’ CI-environments save testers’ time to ensure that new features work as they should.

Boosting manual testing with automation

Sometimes test automation tools are needed to speed up manual testing. For example, automation can perform hundreds of different input combinations, saving a lot of manual work.

Interfaces and APIs

Testing interfaces and APIs without proper tools is very slow. Web Services, SOAP, REST, JSON, and others require the right tools and know-how.

Browser and device coverage

Do you have access to every web browser and their different versions? How many smartphones does your mobile testing team have? Today, new cloud-based services solve a lot of these everyday challenges.

Test automation is great when used in the right place at the right time

Test automation does not replace manual testing but it can free up precious tester time for more demanding work. Our professional testers master several test automation tools, both commercial and open source applications.

For example, we have utilised the following test automation tools: HP QuickTest Pro, Soap UI, Selenium, Jenkins, Robot Framework, ToscaTestSuite, eggPlant and Test Complete.

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