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Testimate provides you with a flexible testing solution for your startup’s needs. We understand that many startups do not have the cash flow to employ full-time external consultants. In many cases, testing resources are not needed full time but every now and then on a continuous basis.

However, before releasing a new version of a product or a service, it makes sense to make an extra effort in testing. For example, if an app fails the Apple review process due to a bug, the review queue waiting time has been lost.

Our hands-on testers will roll up their sleeves and check your product for bugs right when you need them to. Discovering the bugs missed by the developers may take as little as a couple of hours per week, depending on the case. The best thing is that it is easy to rid of us once you are managing testing yourselves!

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Some of our startup clients

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Testing a location data service running on web and mobile devices.

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Testing iOS and Android apps as well as an online webstore.

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Building an API and UI-level test automation and monitoring setup to a CI-environment. Test development and maintenance.

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Testimate Ltd provides comprehensive and independent high-quality software testing services for small and large systems or products.
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