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Testimate is continuing its steady growth, and our team of 20+ testing experts is in need of a few more professionals. If you are a test automation specialist in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere or Oulu, we can offer you challenges that develop your expertise, a first-rate team and good compensation.

Since our clients typically assign to us the most challenging of tasks, our employees get to develop their expertise with a variety of tasks from financial, logistical and ERP projects to software development for the Social Security Institution Kela. If you have a few years of experience under your belt and some insight into automation testing, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Looking for a trusted partner to clients

Our area of expertise is the testing and quality assurance of software solutions. As a Testimate expert, your job is to find the ideal solutions for our clients – by proactively advising and also challenging the client, instead of simply agreeing with everything. An insightful test plan is your way of showing that you truly understand the business-critical aspects of the client’s business. You are a trusted member of the client’s team.

Typically, our experts work on client premises as part of the software development team. However, you will always have the support of the entire Testimate team, who you will get to know face-to-face at our regular meetings and events.

We favour long-term client relationships through which our skilled professionals can produce high-quality results, develop themselves and grow in their roles. It is no surprise, then, that our professional testers often end up in managerial tasks related to testing, project management and quality assurance on a more wider scale.

In other words, we are looking for a positively-minded professional who is willing to take on more independent and rewarding duties. You are experienced but by no means fed up, and you find cooperation with clients as an exciting opportunity.

Tell us about yourself

If this got you interested you in working with us, we would love to hear more about you. This will also give us the change to discuss what Testimate can offer you.

To apply for a position, send your CV and an introduction to
Tell us what you would like to do and how you are looking to develop your current expertise.

Your recipe for success

We never single-mindedly restrict ourselves to the specifications of an assignment but strive to select the best and most sensible solutions for each client. Other qualities that will help you succeed:

  • You are a seasoned pro OR an up-and-coming talent who would like to learn more by working with an outstanding team.
  • You can also handle the regression testing of old features.
  • You have experience in automation testing, and you have utilised automation in the planning and implementation of testing.
  • You are already familiar with Robot Framework but, instead of being fixed on a single toolset, you quick to master new tools and technologies.
  • You are familiar with solutions based on Microsoft platforms as well as their testing.
  • You have experience in the testing of mobile applications.
  • You can communicate well in different situations with all kinds of people in Finnish and English.

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Lead Consultant, founder
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