Testing services for health care organizations

Data security, privacy and reliability are the cornerstones of applications and devices in the health care sector. Testimate’s testing experts have ensured the product and service quality of leading health care companies for several years.


Health care is a diverse business domain that involves the manufacturing and distribution of prescription drugs and the development of medical devices and instruments, for example. Patient and consumer data privacy plays a major role when dealing with prescriptions and other personal data. With physical devices, critical factors include the reliability and accuracy of the instruments.

Testimate has taken part in multiple development projects for the health care sector. The projects cover both internal projects, such as developing an ERP system connected to an online retail store, and the development of services and products for both professional users and consumers.

When the quality requirements for a product or service are extremely high, a professional testing expert should be included in the team. A testing expert assumes comprehensive responsibility over the testing, performs practical testing work and trains others in the organization in quality assurance matters.

Here are some of our services for health care organizations:

  • Agile testing experts
  • Test management and test lead
  • Training on best practices for software testing and testing tools
  • IoT testing and IoT solutions
  • Test automation and performance testing

Some of our health care clients

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Flexible testing services for health care organizations


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