Responsibility at Testimate


Our continuous aim is to act responsibly and ethically in all our work, both internally and in customer projects. Our work is guided by Testimate’s ethical policy, which applies to the company’s staff as a whole, subcontractors as well as Testimate’s management and board members.

We are also committed to complying with the Finnish law and statutes, and we report to the authorities about Testimate’s business, financial status and compliance with responsibility requirements according to the effective legislation and provisions.

The following guidance applies to all our operations.

  • Commitment to quality

    Testimate Oy complies with ethically acceptable procedures and company values in its operations. We want to be a reliable, long-term testing service provider to our customers. We prioritise reliability, transparency and an ethical code of conduct in our business. We always treat our partners even-handedly and promote fair play. To fight grey economy, Testimate accepts as its service providers companies registered as a ’Reliable Partner’ in the service or companies that otherwise meet the obligations of the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability and present related proof.
  • Human rights

    Testimate Oy is committed to promoting human rights and acting according to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Testimate is committed to promoting every person’s fundamental rights, such as freedom of thought, expression of opinion, religion and peaceful assembly. No one can be discriminated based on race, age, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. Testimate does not approve of forced or child labour. We also expect our suppliers to commit themselves to promoting human rights. Furthermore, our direct suppliers must meet the duty of care requirement in monitoring that also their subcontractors comply with legislative and corporate responsibility requirements in their own operations. Suppliers must ensure that they are not involved in human rights violations either themselves or through their supply chains.
  • Employer liability

    We attend to our work climate and everyone’s personal coping, and we support employee development. We want to work continuously towards making Testimate the best possible workplace today and in the future. We comply with the effective labour legislation, collective agreement and Testimate’s staff policy in our operations. Testimate is an equal workplace that will not accept discrimination, bullying or harassment. Inappropriate conduct and harassment will be intervened in immediately and without exceptions.
  • Information security

    Testimate Oy has an information security policy in place, and it is updated continuously. Testimate Oy only collects and processes consumer, staff and third-party personal information according to the valid Data Protection Acts. Testimate respects its employees’, business partners’ and customers’ privacy, and requires that the applicable Personal Data Acts and statutes are carefully met.
  • Communications

    Testimate Oy adheres to good business conduct as well as rules and regulations related to marketing and advertising. Our customer relationship communication is open and truthful. All Testimate’s communication is based on the company’s strategy, values, policies and principles.
  • Our environmental responsibility

    Testimate is committed to meeting the principles of sustainable development and reducing environmental impacts caused by its own operations. Our aim is to prevent and reduce any harmful impacts to the environment, nature, people and property induced by our operations, as well as to promote energy-efficiency and efficient use of natural resources. Testimate Oy has prepared instructions for reducing environmental burden.
  • Ethical principles and anti-corruption activities

    Testimate is committed to only practising business on an honest basis.

    We do not approve of bribery or corruption of any kind. We do not try to impact the decision-making of authorities or corporate representatives through hospitality or gifts. Testimate’s staff, representatives and business partners are not allowed to directly or indirectly offer, promise or give bribes to representatives, customers, suppliers or other business partners or officials, or to request or accept bribes under any circumstances.

    Event participation must always be discussed with the relevant foreperson, and the event’s professional content matters.

    Each Testimate employee is obliged to be loyal to their employer, and conflicts of interest must not influence the company’s decision-making.

Violation of ethical principles

Any observed misconduct related to the ethical principles or other malpractice must always be reported whenever there are grounds. Any violations of the instructions must be reported to the relevant foreperson. All cases that come to light will be processed by Testimate’s management as quickly as possible, in confidence and without bias.