Free up time with test automation

Test automation frees up time for testers to spend on more demanding testing tasks. It also ensures that the developers have more time for the actual development efforts instead of testing and debugging.

Correctly targeted test automation increases testing efficiency. Test automation does not replace other testing methods, such as manual testing, but it can significantly reduce the need for human effort in the regression testing of old features, for example.

Test automation is part of the toolset used by all Testimate specialists. Our experts have mastered numerous automated testing tools from commercial to open source solutions.

In addition to a testing consultant with expert knowledge in test automation, we can also provide you with relevant design and commissioning services as well as the best practices for maintaining your automation solutions.

Test automation is helpful in many situations

Automated regression tests in agile projects

In the context of agile projects in CI environments, automatic regression tests provide testers with the time to ensure that new features work as they should.

Enhancing the efficiency of manual testing

Sometimes, test automation tools are required to speed up manual testing by a variety of means, such as running hundreds of input combinations that would take too long to go through manually.

Interface testing with automation

Testing programming interfaces without the proper tools is a an extremely slow process. Web Services, SOAP, REST, JSON and similar solutions require a unique toolset and expertise.

Coverage of browsers and devices

Do you have access to every web browser and their different versions? How many test phones do your testers have? There are currently many cloud-based solutions for navigating the staggering variety of applications and hardware.


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