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The telecom industry is a wide, constantly evolving field that covers communications, online services, cloud-based entertainment services as well as security products and services. No matter if your product is a mass invoicing system, an online store, a certified firewall or IoT solution, Testimate’s testing consultants help you develop reliable and safe services.


The telecom industry both builds and maintains digital communications infrastructures and creates online services and content. The growing field of online entertainment services requires excellent user experiences as well as customer management solutions to run smooth invoicing processes, for example. Security and data privacy play an important role in the telecom business.

On the hardware side, businesses that seek international growth must be able to meet strict requirements for security certification, for example. When new business is created around innovative IoT solutions, it is important to securely manage the entire system and the different physical parts of the smart network.

Testimate has worked extensively in various telecom projects. Our testing consultants have a long track record in the mobile communications business and fresh new insights on how to develop new services and ensure that smart IoT solutions work as they should. Overall, mobile products and services of all kinds form our key expertise area.

We provide telecom companies the following testing services:

  • Agile testing experts
  • Test management and test lead
  • Training on best practices for software testing and testing tools
  • IoT testing and IoT solutions
  • Mobile testing

Some of our telecom customers

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Testimate is an IoT Alliance partner company

IoT Alliance provides a network of suppliers for IoT projects. Testimate complements the network with its software testing expertise.

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