• Testimate is a member of the IoT Alliance

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  • Senior testing professional

    Are you looking for new challenges?

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  • Test Manager for an Acceptance Test Project

    Do you trust your system providers to perform extensive testing?

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  • Testing Services for Startups

    Get a flexible testing solution to kickstart your business!

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  • Senior Tester for an Agile Project

    Testing in agile projects requires a versatile skillset from test planning to test automation

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  • Mobile Application Testing

    Are you sure your app runs on the latest iOS and the most popular Android version?

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We manage demanding testing projects.

We here at Testimate know a lot about testing. Our experts are seasoned professionals who are passionate about testing and take pride in creating fault-free systems. Despite the size and scope of your testing need, you can count on us to get the job done.

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What makes a Testimate?

A testing professional

A Testimate knows the ropes when it comes to testing. You can trust your testing project to his or her care.

Realistic attitude

A Testimate will not promise you the moon but knows the best solution and testing method for your case, such as when to use test automation.

Millainen on Testimate?

Testing project schedules are often challenging. A Testimate is flexible when it comes to re-scheduling project work.


When a Testimate joins your team, you will get immediate results. A Testimate rolls up his sleeves and hits the grind when the job needs to be done.

Testimate Ltd
Testimate Ltd provides comprehensive and independent high-quality software testing services for small and large systems or products.
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