Testimate is a home for testing professionals

We are a profitably growing company consisting of professionals in testing and project management. We provide a highly-skilled team, laid-back atmosphere and excellent pay – as well as a wealth of challenges to help you develop your expertise.


”This is as close as it gets to being an entrepreneur, without actually being one. Inspirational and exciting work, good pay, freedom and responsibility – that’s a good summary of what Testimate is all about.”

Our specialists’ uncompromising expertise forms the basis for our success and the respect we enjoy among our clients. Our operational costs are minimal since, instead of investing in a swanky office with every amenity, we focus our resources on keeping our team happy and healthy, and rewarding good work through a fair bonus arrangement. By joining the Testimate team, you become more than an employee: you will get to build and steer the company’s growth and success in the years ahead.

Our work offers plenty of freedom, but it also involves a lot of responsibility. We all have a great deal of control over when we work and take time off – naturally respecting project schedules and clients’s needs.

We do our jobs with iron-clad professionalism and integrity. Our goal is to produce a high-quality end result and exceed our clients’ expectations. Typically, we can handle this without breaking a sweat. Naturally, there will be tough situations from time to time, but we always help each other out. Even though the work is independent, you will not have to face challenges alone.

We can also accommodate your individual training and development needs and ensure that you get to work with projects that support your professional development and participate in training that interests you.


Are you a seasoned professional tester or rising star of quality assurance? We would like to hear from you – see our vacancies below and contact us!


Why you should come work with us

We provide a delightfully uncomplicated work community, interesting client projects and good pay. Our experts have the freedom and responsibility to work at a high level of quality and continuously develop their expertise.

Good pay

We use a compensation model consisting of base pay and a bonus derived from invoicing. We are confident that the pay check will satisfy even the most experienced specialist.

Ensuring well-being

We work in independent and demanding expert tasks with our clients. To balance things out, we also take time to spend time together, engage in sports and ensure well-being at work.

Learning and team support

Our team has a vast pool of expertise in all areas of testing. With us, you will never stop learning new things through exciting projects and tips from your colleagues.

Taking pride in a job well done

We provide you with the resources and freedom to perform your work tasks at a high level of quality. We trust our employees and value the unique competence of each and every one of them.


Good-natured collaboration

To balance our demanding work, we enjoy doing things together out of the office.


What are we like?

The following questionnaire directed at all Testimate employees may shed some light on the mindset of a professional tester.


Now or tomorrow?

    • Now70%

Introvert or extrovert?

    • Introvert60%

City or the countryside?

    • City55%


    • Yes80%

Cycling or running?

    • Cycling70%

iOS or Android?

    • iOS60%

Manual or automatic?

    • Automatic70%