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We are constantly looking for new employees for testing projects. If you are a seasoned testing pro, get in touch with us today! Introduce yourself and send us your CV via email at info ( at )

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We also work in cooperation with other testing houses and freelancers. If you are looking for a new project or need a pair of sharp eyes and steady hands for your project, give us a call today!

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Test Manager and/or Test Automation Expert (9 November 2017)

Testimate continues its growth with several new recruitments in 2017. Our standing looks very promising and we have work for several new Test Managers and/or Test Automation Experts. Since our customers typically give us the toughest cases to solve, we need the very best talent in our team.

Our game is software testing and quality assurance. Now our team needs new key players for test project management, test planning and implementation. As a Testimate expert, your job is to find the ideal solutions for our clients – by proactively advising and also challenging the client. A solid test plan is your way of showing that you truly understand what is critical for the client’s business. You’re the most valuable player in the client’s team.

Millainen on Testimate?

Build your own success

One of our team members once said that being a Testimate is pretty close to running your own company. This means that we reward our team for a job well done. We have a fair bonus model in place and our operational expenses are minimal. Instead of having a stunning office space, we focus our resources on keeping our team happy and healthy. Our work offers plenty of freedom but also comes with personal responsibility. At Testimate, you are more than an employee: you get to build and steer the company’s success and growth path for the years ahead.

We carry our work through with iron-clad professionalism and integrity. We want to exceed our clients’ expectations. Typically this means solid, high-quality work without breaking a sweat. There will be tough situations, but that’s when the team comes in and helps you out. Even though the work is independent, you will not face challenges alone.

We work a lot. There’s no denying that. Working at Testimate is not a 9-to-5 job but we also understand the importance of being off the clock. Each Testimate can have a say in when to work and when to take time off, naturally respecting clients’ project schedules. We trust you to manage your own work. We are known for getting the job done and having high work ethics. Outside work, we like to get together every now and then for various activities and learning from each others’ experiences.

Your recipe for success

At Testimate, we always try to find the ideal solutions to fill a particular client need. This means that we have to have opinions, the ability to plan ahead and the courage to challenge the status quo.

You will be successful if

  • You have an established track record of working as a Test Manager or utilising test automation
  • You already know the Robot Framework but instead of being fixed on one toolset, you are quick to learn new tools and technologies
  • You have experience in testing ERP solutions
  • You know Microsoft development technologies and how to test them
  • You have done some level of mobile testing
  • You are able to pitch your expertise when you identify a client need
  • You communicate well in different situations with different people, both in Finnish and English

We are looking for experts who love their work and wish to move toward a more independent and rewarding position.

Send your application and CV in Finnish or in English to

For more information, please contact Mr. Klaus Lakkala at (, 010 2292730)

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