Information document on Testimate Oy’s customer register and privacy policy for the company website

This is a combined information document on Testimate Oy’s customer register (Sections 1–8) and privacy policy for Testimate’s website (Section 9).


We use our customer register to store information on Testimate’s customer companies and potential customers. All of our customers are businesses, which means that the register may contain your personal data if you have been employed by one of these businesses. The privacy policy specifies the personal details that we collect on you (data subject), what we do with the data and how you can contact us with regard to the processing of your personal data.

1. Controller

Testimate Oy (business ID 2431577-9)
Peuratie 8B, FI-01450 Vantaa
+358 10 229 2730

Person in charge of matters regarding the register: Juha Karvonen (+358 10 229 2732)

2. Information stored in the register and the source of this information

Contact persons

We use the register to collect and store information on the contact persons of existing and potential customer companies. We can obtain this information directly from the data subjects, but we can also use other sources, such as e-mail or telephone correspondence with our customers and public sources like social media services..

We also collect information from contracts and through customer meetings, trade fairs and other contexts where data subjects disclose information.

Keräämme tietoja myös sopimuksista, asiakastapaamissa, messuilla ja muista tilanteista, joissa rekisteröity luovuttaa tietojaan.

We may store the following information on contact persons in our register:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Employer/name of customer company
  • Role/title

3. Purpose of and legal grounds for the data processing

We process personal data in order to enable customer service and the contact required for customer relationships, and to manage our customer relationships and market our services.

The processing of the personal data contained by the register is based on Testimate’s legitimate interest, as specified in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), when the information has been received from a source other than the data subject, and on the data subject’s consent when the information has been received directly from him/her. The fulfilment of a contract can also constitute grounds for data storage.

  • Name. We need your name to identify you and maintain contact.
  • E-mail. We need your e-mail address to maintain contact, manage the customer relationship and market our services.
  • Telephone number. We need your number to maintain contact and manage the customer relationship.
  • Name of employer/customer company. We need the name of the employer/customer company to manage the customer relationship and market our services..
  • Role/title. We need your role/title to manage the customer relationship and market our services.

4. Data retention period

We can store the details of the contact persons of our existing and potential customers for as long as the persons are employed by the customer companies in tasks that involve customer contact and other communication with Testimate.

5. Regular disclosure of information

As a general rule, information is not disclosed outside Testimate Oy.

On a discretionary basis, information may be disclosed for the purposes of targeted third-party marketing campaigns commissioned by the controller. The ownership of the information is not transferred from the controller to third parties, and the third parties involved may only use the information within the framework of each designated assignment.

Your personal data is stored in our CRM system for which the technical data processor is Atlassian PTY Ltd, which has data centres in Ireland and the United States. This cloud service provider mainly stores the data in Europe in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity. The service provider may backup the information to U.S. locations outside EU/EEC area. The cloud service provider has joined the Privacy Shield programme set up between the EU and the United States ( to ensure the secure processing of European data in the United States. More detailed information on the processor is available here:

Information can be disclosed to authorities based on demands made by them.

6. Automated decision-making

The personal data is not used for profiling, nor is it used to make automated decision impacting the data subject’s rights or obligations.

7. Data subjects’ rights

Data subjects have the right to

  • access and check any information on them in the register
  • withdraw their consent at any time, if the processing is based on the data subject’s consent
  • demand the removal of any or all information, if the storage of the data is based on the data subject’s consent and there are no other grounds for retaining the data
  • prohibit the use of their information for direct marketing purposes at any time
  • demand the correction of erroneous information
  • receive the personal data concerning them in a commonly used and machine-readable format
  • demand the controller to restrict the processing of the data in cases referred to in Article 18 of the GDPR
  • lodge a complaint about the register or data processing with the authority specified in Section 8

In order for the information to be disclosed to the requesting party, it must be possible to reliably identify the party in question

8. Competent data protection authority

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

Street address: Ratapihantie 9, 6th floor, FI-00520 Helsinki
Postal address: P.O.Box 800, FI-00521 Helsinki
Telephone exchange: +358 (0)29 56 66700
Fax: +358 (0)29 56 66735
E-mail: tietosuoja(at)

9. Cookies and other user tracking

The website uses cookies. The site sends the web browser a cookie, which is a small text file that is then saved on the hard drive of the user’s computer. With cookies we can identify your browser and use this information for a variety of purposes, such as counting the number of browsers that visit our site and analysing the use of our site (e.g. statistical monitoring). The cookies also enable us to examine and monitor visitor interests and develop our website based on them. All information is collected anonymously to ensure that no online activities can be linked to any specific person.

We use Google Analytics on our website to analyse how people users our pages. Google Analytics is an online analysis service which utilises cookies and is provided by Google Inc. (hereinafter ‘Google’). All cookies installed by Google are governed by Google’s terms and practices, which are detailed at

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can also edit your browser settings to disable cookies at any time, if you so choose. You can avoid cookies by changing your browser settings and prohibiting their use.