Acceptance testing solidifies the quality of the entire delivery

By means of acceptance testing, you can ensure that a system provided by one or more suppliers ultimately matches your order. The best result can be achieved through cooperation between a testing professional and a representative of the relevant business operations.


Software projects are often joint efforts of multiple suppliers, so the schedule and work tasks involved may change in the process. It may also be the case, that a project with multiple suppliers has no single party designated to manage overall testing and quality assurance.

The aim of acceptance testing is to make sure that the supplied system functions as a whole and meets the client’s requirements. In addition to the functionality of critical business processes, acceptance testing reveals the efficacy, performance and possible errors of integrations, for example.

In our experience, a combination of business users and testing professionals gives the best results. While business users concentrate on use cases that are critical to them, testing professionals utilise various testing methods to discover all kinds of potential faults in the system.

Testimate specialises in the testing of business requirements and technical demands from the end user’s perspective, as well as the management of the testing process.

Purposes of acceptance testing


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