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We collaborate with a wide variety of software companies, offering expertise and new business opportunities for joint projects.


Specialisation is the cornerstone of efficient business operations. This is why Testimate specialises in demanding software testing, which is a critical part of high-quality software development. A development team that works well together is efficient and generates added value to the end customer.

Through our partnerships, we leverage our own expertise to supplement the offering of other software companies. We are firm believers in honest business relationships that are based on trust and mutual benefit. Collaboration can by sparked by a jointly-prepared bid and lead to daily project efforts carried out together.

We are always happy to work with other companies in the software sector. In addition to this, our network has plenty of room for freelancers.

We also contribute to supporting the activities and development of organisations and events that are important to us.

We support the Robot Framework Foundation


Some of our partners

Luoto Company
Luoto is a software developer with a team of experienced first-rate professionals.
Virnex is a consulting firm focusing on cloud-based business.
Graniitti Services
Graniitti Services is an expert in project management.

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