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For today’s logistics services, it is essential to deliver the shipment to the right location at the right time as efficiently as possible. There is a massive amount of service logic built behind the entire logistics chain, hidden from the end customer. Thorough testing ensures that the chain actually works and provides a smooth experience for the end customer.


Logistics is a wide business domain with a wealth of different operators and applications. Internal business tools, consumer applications and the underlying enterprise resource planning systems are all critical for ensuring delivery chain efficiency. Today, the development efforts focus on efficiency: removing errors, delays and friction points from the process.

In the consumer-facing business, self-service has become more and more important. While the consumer who picks up a package from an automated system only sees a simple interface, there is a massive amount of service logic and dependencies under the hood. It is up to thorough testing to anticipate all potential problems, errors and exception cases in advance.

Testimate has for several years worked as a testing partner for leading logistics operators. We have participated in strategically important development projects in various roles, from hands-on testing to building test automation systems and testing IoT solutions.

We provide logistics operators the following testing services:

  • Agile testing experts
  • Test management and test lead
  • Training on best practices for software testing and testing tools
  • IoT testing and IoT solutions
  • Test automation and performance testing

Some of our logistics customers

  • Posti logo
  • postnord logo


Posti ensures smooth parcel logistics with Testimate

Testimate has been Posti’s testing partner since 2016. Testimate helps Posti ensure the high quality of its parcel logistics in a very demanding technical environment. Testimate’s proactive testing consultants take responsibility for wide domains and provide actionable recommendations to the development teams.

How logistics benefits from testing


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