Project management services

We provide you with access to seasoned project management professionals with many years of experience in leading extensive IT projects. By letting us handle the management of your project, you will gain a determined and experienced project lead who can meet your team's specific needs.


Our specialists are experienced in a variety of IT projects (including software projects, system integrations and the development of IT infrastructures) from the financial sector to the energy industry and growth companies.Our consultants, in turn, are well-versed in a variety of project management methods. We have steered projects according to both the waterfall model and agile practices. If necessary, we can work with our clients to combine a variety of models within a single project to achieve the best possible end result.

As an example, a Testimate consultant can take the role of a project manager or scrum master within the scope of your project.


How to get a project manager from us

  • 1. Needs assessment

    What kind of a project and team do you have on your hands? What are your goals and schedules? We start off with a free consultation to discuss your needs and how our offering can meet them.

  • 2. Selecting the right expert

    We introduce you to the project management professional who can meet your needs. Our specialists have extensive expertise in demanding software projects carried out within the environments of many different suppliers.

  • 3. Getting started

    Our specialists take the reins of your project. Our consultants will be available to you to the extent that you need them – either part-time or full-time.

Why outsourcing project management is a good idea


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