Robotic process automation increases the efficiency of your operations

Robotic process automation can be used to automate regular work tasks performed by people. Assigning routine tasks to a bot saves time and money, and frees up your experts for more meaningful work.


Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to applications that replicate the work tasks carried out by people via a particular interface. A bot taught how to perform the corresponding tasks can help the human workers in question perform more efficiently or replace them entirely.


Suitable uses of RPA

Robotic solutions are particularly well-suited to frequent repetitive tasks that take up a lot of staff hours:


Since the software robot uses the same computer-screen interface as the human worker, the application being used does not need to be changed. What this means is that software robots are generally compatible with all systems, even older ones.


How to get started with RPA

It is a good idea to take care in assessing and planning the commissioning of a software robot, since an initial investment is always required and the benefits gained must be sufficient. That being said, the benefits can usually be assessed fairly accurately at an early stage.

Here is how we will help you commission your bot:

  • 1. Situation assessment

    We help you identify the work tasks that a software robot and calculate the benefits the bot will provide.

  • 2. Selecting the right software

    There are many commercial RPA solutions on the market. The optimal solution depends on your needs.

  • 3. Modelling

    The requisite tasks are taught to the robot by modelling the relevant employee’s work phases carefully.

  • 4. Testing

    The robot's functionality is tested carefully with a sufficient number of test cases, including a variety of discrepancies.

  • 5. Putting the bot to work

    Once everything is ready, the robot “rolls up its sleeves” and gets to work. In the pilot phase, faults are responded to quickly and the bot is taught to resolve them.


Testimate offers the following RPA services:


Robotic process automation benefits


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Robot Framework is a popular open source tool for test automation and robotic process automation. Testimate supports the tools development.

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